Save the Date: May 11, 2016! AccuZIP Presents: "Mail Tracking and Reporting: What the Future Holds"

The USPS is moving quickly to collect and generate more and better information regarding mail processing, movement and delivery. In August of 2015 they began scanning mail pieces at delivery to the mail box for letter sized pieces in a “pilot” environment.  Everyone in the industry must be aware of these developments and learn how to leverage this data to its fullest to remain relevant as a vendor. We must be proactive and start leveraging this data today.  Customers are going to expect piece level visibility and reporting as a standard and mailers must reciprocate. This data will add relevance to mail and reinforce its’ value as a communication, marketing and sales tool.

How will “Informed Visibility” data transform the industry? The answer is, by making the data actionable for all mailers.  No longer will people who track their mail need to wonder about “in-home” dates.  This data will allow mailers to increase service to their clients by actually following the mail through the process and proactively resolving issues before they affect the performance of the mail.  We will also discuss at a high level that within the industry, vendors who use this data and provide these services have a great advantage over those who do not.

By attending you will gain:

  • A better understanding of how this data will help you provide your clients better service and grow your revenue
  • A deeper understanding of the actionable information and insights this data provides
  • Insights on how tracking makes all mail more effective
  • Knowledge of how tracking delivers visibility and more effective management of post mailing processes - Optimizing effectiveness and efficiency

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