AccuZIP Unveils Extensive List of Newly PAVE™ GOLD Certified Presorts for Standard Mail®, First-Class Mail®, and Periodicals.

AccuZIP Inc. formally releases its comprehensive list of PAVE GOLD Certified mail preparation presorts for Standard Mail, First-Class Mail, and Periodicals Class Mail. AccuZIP supports all of the required and optional presort preparations to help maximize postage discounts for thousands of small and large enterprise companies across the United States.

Complete Listing of PAVE GOLD Certifications for the 2018 PAVE™ - Cycle S:

·         NEW PAVE GOLD Certified version

Standard Mail Tests – (16)

o    Automation Flats

o    Automation Letters

o    Cosacked Flats

o    ECR Flats

o    ECR Letters <= 3.0 Ounces

o    ECR Letters > 3.0 Ounces

o    Flat Bundles on Pallets

o    Irregular Parcels

o    Machinable Letters

o    Machinable Parcels

o    Merged Flat Bundles in Sacks

o    Merged Flat Bundles on Pallets

o    Merged Pallets-5% Threshold

o    Merged Pallets-5% Threshold & CSF

o    Non-Automation Flats

o    Nonmachinable Letters

First Class Tests -  (14)

o    Automation Flat Trays on Pallets

o    Automation Flats - Bundle Based Option

o    Automation Flats - Tray Based Option

o    Automation Letters

o    Automation Letters - Trays on Pallets

o    Cotrayed Flats

o    MAC Batch Automation Flats - Tray Based Option

o    MAC Batch Automation Letters

o    Machinable Letter Trays on Pallets

o    Machinable Letters

o    Non-Automation Flat Trays on Pallets

o    Non-Automation Flats

o    Non-Machinable Letter Trays on Pallets

o    Nonmachinable Letters

Periodical Tests – (13)

o    Automation Letters

o    Barcoded Machinable Flats

o    Carrier Route Flats

o    Carrier Route Letters

o    Machinable Flat Bundles on Pallets

o    Machinable Flats CoSacked Preparation

o    Merged Bundles on Pallets

o    Merged Flats in Sacks

o    Merged Pallets-5% Threshold

o    Merged Pallets-5% Threshold & City State

o    Non-Automation Letters

o    Non-Barcoded Machinable Flats

o    Non-Machinable Flat Bundles on Pallets

Options Supported – Total (60)

General – (16)

o    Additional User Documentation (Any)

o    Origin 3-digit Trays/Sacks

o    Origin AADC Trays

o    Optional Endorsement Lines (OELs)

o    ZAP Approval

o    Manifest Report

o    Keyline

o    Origin SCF Sacks

o    Co-Bundling

o    Job Setup/Parameter Report

o    Manifest Summary by Weight

o    Floating Batch

o    IM Barcoded Tray Labels

o    FSS Preparation

o    USPS Qualification Report

o    Manifest Summary Report

Carrier Route – (14)

o    CRD Trays

o    Walk Sequencing

o    High Density Plus (HDP) Price

o    CR5S Sacks

o    High Density (HD) Price

o    Saturation Price (90%Res)

o    Multi-Box Section Bundles

o    CR3 Trays

o    CR5 Sacks

o    Saturation Price (75%Total)

o    eLOT Sequencing

o    CR5 Trays

o    CRD Sacks

o    CR3 Sacks

Palletization – (7)

o    Optional 5-Digit Pallets

o    SCF Bundle Reallocation

o    Intelligent Mail Container Placard

o    Optional 3-digit Pallets

o    ASF/NDC Bundle Reallocation

o    Non-Barcoded Pallet Placards

o    ADC Bundle Reallocation

Periodicals – (11)

o    PER - Flat Tray Preparation

o    24-pc Trays/Sacks

o    PER - FIRM Bundles

o    PER - Ride Along Pieces

o    Outside County Bundle Report

o    Outside County Container Report

o    PER - In County Prices

o    PER - Additional Mailing Offices

o    Limited Circulation Discount

o    PER - 6pc Letter Tray Minimum

o    PER - Zone Summary Report

Sacks – (3)

o    5-digit Scheme Bundles (L007)

o    3-digit Scheme Bundles (L008)

o    5-digit Scheme Sacks

Postage Statements Supported – (9)

o    PS Form 3541

o    PS Form 8125

o    PS Form 3600-FCM

o    PS Form 3700

o    PS Form 3602-R

o    PS Form 3600-PM

o    PS Form 3605-R

o    PS Form 3600-EZ

o    PS Form 3602-C

AccuZIP proudly announces this notable achievement. We are committed to excellence and maintaining our superior PAVE GOLD Certifications now and into the future.  In fact, our solutions have been PAVE GOLD Certified for over two and half decades. We at AccuZIP take pride in honoring this laborious path and level of certifications that our customer partners have come to expect.” – Kristen McKiernan, President, AccuZIP, Inc.

Source: AccuZIP, Inc.


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