AccuZIP to Be Sole Sponsor for National Printing Research Council (NPRC) Financial Benchmarking and Mailing Services Pricing Studies in 2017

The National Printing Research Council (NPRC) has announced that top industry vendor AccuZIP has agreed to be the sole sponsor of two of the year’s most significant studies for the quick and small commercial segment of the graphic arts industry. The company, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2017, will provide exclusive sponsorship for the “2017-2018 Financial Benchmarking Study” and the “2017-2018 Mailing Services Pricing Study.”

“This is the first time I can recall a single company stepping forward in such a major way to become sole sponsor of two highly respected industry research projects,” says NPRC Executive Director John Stewart. “The benchmarking study has been published every two years since 1983 and is the oldest study published in the printing industry while the mailing services pricing study can trace its roots back to 2002.”

“We are pleased and excited to be able to support two such important printing industry surveys,” says Kristen McKiernan, President of AccuZIP. “AccuZIP has been a strong industry supporter since its inception nearly three decades ago and very much understands the importance of good research and data to successful printing companies.”

According to Stewart, the benchmarking study tracks and reports on industry profitability and the key ratios that distinguish the profit leaders from the profit laggards. The mailing services pricing study has closely tracked pricing practices and trends in the mailing services industry for 14 years and has become a go-to resource for printers and others companies which offer mailing services. Exact survey schedules and release dates for 2017 are being finalized.

Since 1992, AccuZIP Inc. has created award-winning, powerful, and robust data quality and direct mail software. AccuZIP Inc.’s many products and services are certified by the United States Postal Service at the highest level and the company has built an outstanding reputation for value, service, and innovation.


The National Printing Research Council (NPRC) is a data-driven organization dedicated to providing its members with key printing industry financial and marketing information essential to improving both profits and sales. Functioning much like a national peer group for quick and small commercial printers, NPRC is the premier industry source for statistical data related to pricing of products and services, wages, profitability, and net worth. Among recent research projects are an analysis of print owners’ personal net worth, the 2017-2018 Wage & Benefit Study, The 2017-2018 Digital Printing Pricing Study, and a report on The Relationship Between Profitability and Sales Per Employee (SPE). For more information, go to


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