AccuZIP Customer Care Specialist Gains Certification

AccuZIP is very proud to announce that Customer Care Specialist Chrissy Anderson, was recently certified as a Mailpiece Design Professional by the United States Postal Service.  Chrissy took her certification class through the Pittsburgh PCC.  AccuZIP recently received confirmation of her certification from the USPS’ National Center for Employee Development in Norman, OK.

One of the core principles at AccuZIP is outstanding customer service.  Chrissy is on the “front lines” providing this to our customer partners every day.  Certification as a Mailpiece Design Professional helps her provide an excellent customer experience and fulfill our guiding principles.  Supporting development opportunities for our employees is another core value.  Things that make them stronger and more qualified creates the high quality interactions our customer partners have come to know as the “AccuZIP experience”.

Chrissy was honored and grateful that AccuZIP enabled her to pursue this training.  She stated, “I never thought I would get to do something like this.  It is busy here every day and when one of us is gone it really puts stress on the entire staff left at work.  The team did a great thing to support my efforts to get this certification.  I want to pay them back by using the knowledge to help and support them when they want to pursue similar opportunities.  My former employer would never have paid the fee or allowed me to do this on company time.  It means a great deal to me.”  Chrissy’s name will now be placed on the list of USPS certified Mailpiece Design Professionals ( and RIBBS website.

AccuZIP is very proud of Chrissy’s accomplishment.  Her supervisor put it this way: “Honestly, these are the types of things that allow us to provide outstanding customer support and service.  Having more go-to people on staff will be very helpful to AccuZIP and our customer partners.”  That is our philosophy.  A well trained staff can make the technology transparent and focus on the customer partner’s experience rather than the technology that powers it.


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Source: AccuZIP, Inc.